Peaks of the Caucasus 4x4 2020

A few entry positions remain. The early registration fee is applicable until November 30.

In 2018 we had a rally with exclusively pre-war cars in Georgia. It was one of our best rallies. Please have a look at the movie made during the rally. This year we had a 4×4 version for a selected group of participants.

We now want to offer you a chance to discover this country in full transition.

The rally will be organised together with fellow Dutchman Willem van Houten who has been living in Georgia for 6 years and who is organising motorcycle trips. Together with Willem we have travelled all imaginable roads in Georgia and have selected the most scenic. 

We will be renting a maximum of 15 Toyota Landcruisers (or similar) for the 15 entry positions.

Part of our team will be local guide Nika and Dimitri. Dimitri comes from the Svan mountain region and is archaeologist. He got his masters at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. His enthusiasm is contagious and his supra’s (local toasts on life) are intoxicating.

Georgia is a fascinating country with a kaleidoscopic diversity of regions. All have their own climate and culture. The mountain regions have long been quite isolated, with their own habits and languages.

We will be visiting rock-hewn monasteries and fortified villages. We will be driving the high mountains towards the Russian border and the semi-desert towards Azerbaijan. We will be drinking chacha (local gin) and truly great (local) wines (Georgia is where wine was first produced, 8000 years ago).

We visit the old 5th century capital of Mtskheta and the Stalin museum in Gori.

Unitl november 30, the rally fee is € 4.870,- for a crew of two. It includes:

  • A Maximum of 15 crew.
  • Nine nights in excellent hotels.
  • Nine dinners.
  • Eight lunches.
  • Toyota Landcruiser (or similar for 8 days).
  • Technical assistance.
  • Dutch guide living in Georgia: Willem.
  • Local guide Nika.
  • Explanations by archeologist Dimitri.
  • Entry fees.
  • Peaks of the Caucasus polo shirt.
  • Roadbooks, rallyshields etc.

Have a look here for more information on the rally.

We use a 4×4 since it allows us to come to place where otherwise we would not be able to come. There is only 70 km of really harsh 4×4-driving. Then there is some 220 km of easy off-roading.

Let us know your interest!

We are working on special authorisations to visit the Zestafoni Manganese plant (a true tribute to socialist labour) and to attend the rehearsal of the national ballet (a mix between ballet and traditional fighting art).


A few extra days before the rally:
If you wish so, you can come a few days earlier and rent one of several track cars and get instructions on the Rustavi International Motorpark. The 4,2 km circuit is in full compliance with the FIA regulations. A unique opportunity to enjoy racing for a modest budget.

A few extra days after the rally:
We recommend you stay a few extra days after the rally. Weather permitting we suggest for the not so faint hearted to drive up to Tusheti. This is the road you want to have driven. The views are absolutely spectacular. Stay one or two nights in Omalo, get a sense of life high in the mountains near the Chechen border, get the fresh air and warm up in the sun.

Unfortunately we feel that we can not take the responsability of taking such a road with a large group. However we will gladly assist you in your planning should you wish to take it. Let us know your questions.

All the necessary information on the rally can be found here.